Sunday 1 March 2015

Prose500 2015 Longlist, Sheerin Naz


Yes, that’s a sign!
As Paulo Coehlo says in his book The Alchemist that we all get omens which guide us to our ultimate destination. They pave avenues for the dreams that we wish to fulfil. Though, these omens or signs can be difficult for one to understand but then, dreams that get fulfilled easily aren’t worth watching, isn’t it? 

This was the case with her too. A girl kept herself caged in the four walls of her room and saw those kites soaring up high in the sky. They were signs from God asking her to get out and free herself but unfortunately, she was preoccupied with her habit of cursing her good for nothing life and so, she could never understand those signs until a day came when one of the kites soaring high abruptly came crashing at her window. She took the worn out kite in her hands and smiled at the fate of the kite. It had flown so high yet landed into oblivion but at least it has been able to see its share of life. She had finally understood her omens.

Yes, she too needed to fly. All these years, she had silently endured the cruel infliction of pain but now was the time to fly. She was no longer afraid of sinking into oblivion because she knew it was destined after all this world is a messy place. Nobody gets out alive. Some just stay a little longer and some lucky ones like her walk away in a split second.She looked herself in the mirror and removed the scarf that covered her head which had no hair. Yes, the cancer had taken it all. But that did not affect her anymore.

“The world is not a wish granting factory, my friend”. She recited a line from her favourite novel “The Fault in Our Stars” and walked outside those caged walls to enjoy the little time she was left with. She wanted to fly high once, before she could REST IN PEACE.

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