Sunday 1 March 2015

Prose500 2015 Longlist GS VasuKumar

Best Friend
Story Idea by Ashok Sharma
Sajeev and Komal were two best friends who lived in a small town. One day, Sajeev realised that he had fallen deeply in love with his best friend, Komal. However, he couldn’t tell his inner most feelings to her.

She knew that he wanted to tell her something, but he couldn’t pick up enough courage to do so. Her gut feelings told her that it could be ‘Love’. Then she dismissed the thought as he was her best friend and theirs was friendship and nothing more than that. Also Sajeev feared that if he picked up his courage and did propose to Komal, in case, if she rejects his proposal then he would be losing his best friend of his life.So, he decided to bury his feelings deep inside his heart.

As days flew by, some circumstances pulled them away from each other. They had to move and settle in two different cities which were hundreds of Kms away from each other. Komal tried to reach Sajeev by phone, but he didn’t answer her calls. So, she sent him emails. Then he replied her mail as if nothing was wrong between them, it was just that he was very busy in his work.
‘Please speak to me…I’m missing my best friend very badly!’ Komal had messaged him on what’s up.

He started to dial her mobile number…then disconnected in between. This went on for a couple of times. Finally, he spoke to her. His heart almost broke when she started crying on phone while speaking to him. He tried his best to console her by saying that he would come and meet her soon.
One night, God appeared in his dream unable to see the pain of the heart, and asked him;
‘Sajeev, which angel do you need?’
‘God, my heart is still with my angel best friend which is inseparable. So, I request you never to separate my heart from her!’ Sajeev replied.
‘Son, I don’t create and give complete heart to anyone. I break a heart into two and stick with half of some other heart together before birth. So, she has your other part of the heart. Hence, it pains so much when you are distanced from her. Don’t you worry anymore! Please go and meet her son…she needs you as much as you need her…’

Sajeev woke up startled and he immediately logged on to his laptop and booked the earliest flight ticket to her place. His face was filled with immense joy that he was going to met her after quite some time.

He took his mobile and was about to call and tell her that he is coming to see her…but then he wanted to surprise her. Meantime, Komal woke up seeing the dream that Sajeev is coming to see her at last. She hoped against hope that her dream should come true…She was smiling after a long time…

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