Sunday 1 March 2015

Prose 500 2015 Longlist, Aditi Mahajan

Oats For My Love Boat

I wake up at six every day. I put on my trainers. I keep a bowl of oats on the table to eat. This has been my morning routine since last month. I go to gym despite of the fact I despise it. I follow a strict diet and control my urge to eat chocolates. I have hated hardcore fitness regimes since eternity.
It was the happiest time. I was a little bit overweight. Regular health checkups claimed that my weight was in a healthy category I had no health issues. I was comfortable with my body. I was glad to have him in my life. He was the most handsome man in the office. He was my crush and thanks to my luck, he eventually became my boyfriend. I think he had overlooked my chubby cheeks and was melted by my smile. Our coworkers saw a strange charm in our relationship. According to them, my podgy arm around his muscular arm was a cute sight. 

In these two years of our relationship, he hadn’t said anything to me for my corpulence. He had accepted me as a person. In these two years I had admitted my love for him on many occasions but on the contrary he hadn’t changed his statement from “I like you” to “I love you”. Why would he express his love? He was the shyest guy one could come across. I do sometimes felt that it was one sided love. But whether love is one sided, double sided, triple sided or whatever, love is love.
Last month we had a small fight. The issue was my weight. He spoke things he shouldn’t have spoken. He wanted my figure to be like Sana’s - the hottest girl in our office. He and Sana’s closeness is the hot topic in the office now-a-days. But I don’t care. I’ll be 36-24-36 like her in a few months time and I’ll win back my love. Love is a gamble after all and I’m the most cunning gambler one has ever seen.

“You should leave him now. See his behavior.”
“How can you be oblivion to his closeness to the other lady?”
“Men lust and women love. Accept this fact and move on. See her figure compare it to yours.”
These words make me cry now. I think I am not strong enough to handle this harsh criticism. Even my close friends want me to end this relationship. I have decided to end everything between us tomorrow. I will step back from my fitness regime.

*Next day*
I wake up at six.
I put on my trainers.
I keep a bowl of oats on the table to eat.

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