Monday 15 September 2014

Short Story 2014 Longlist, Suneetha PS

In the world of a dream girl
She was awaken by a sweet dream that by honour she was carried by palanquin bearers.The girl by name Sadana thought of his forthcoming future.Timepiece rang 5.00a.m .She stood up from the bed ,prayed to God for a nice day.The Temple bells,Church Prayers and the Sai Bhajanas from the near mutts made her more cheerful.The birds with their chirping are all flying with the songs of a new dawn.Sadana was reminded of her village ,the Althara Temple grounds and everywhere.
Sadana is studying in the city college.She is a student of English Literature.Staying in hostel,this girl of high conceit and self-respect tries herself to cope up with the pompous colours of the city campus.Though home sick and fed up with the food getting from the hostel ,she managed everything for her studies.Sadana ,a girl with a village flavour was a thing of teasing among her companions.Her friends advise her daily to become bold and forward.They criticised because of her reserved silent nature.Simply a smile was her reply.Sadana plays as a doll all around.
Sadana ,being more conceited  and a self-respecting person tried herself from seclusion.She mingled with all her class mates in her own way.She was not aware of the modern 'hai bye' customs and the cell phone chatting.Her way of behaviour was quite aristocratic and with a modesty touch.Her all time friend was her mini tape recorder and some story books.
Every night while going to sleep ,Sadana thinks of her colleagues ''gorgeous ''slim beauty Chandni and the ultra modern Riha who were always out of he campus ,roaming about with snacks and fruits ,seeing films with outsiders ,doing all malevolent things .With great deal of money ,they follows a 'take it easy policy' for everything for studies as well.They even bullies the teachers.Sadana calculated many arguments in mind relating topics like smartness and bpldness, city guys and village guys,fashion and culture.She thought of her conservative family background where allthings are fixed in a module pattern.It is very difficult and painful to oppose any decision.In Ammamma's opinion ,a smart girl is a home looking girl,a smart guy is the family authoritarian head.
Sadana realised that a girl or a boy can be smart only with a positive support of his or her kinship.A thing of smartness wins by a tolerable viewership ,understanding and by an adventurous ,aggressive spirit of the family.With toughness in mind no one can approve a smart girl or a smart guy.Seeing and enjoying a bustling girl or a guy in an occasion is not a problem for any one in a conservative family .If any one criticise,that become a bit of jealousy.But things go wrong when a girl or a guy goes against 'colours'from this family selfishness matters more worthy ,no guarantee for support.
Sadana a girl of high ambitions ,highly dedicated to God believed that the things more valuable in life are truth and sincerity.She argues that a good behaviour and conduct is only attained with our self-control of mind .Smartness and boldness must have boundaries with in our mind.That is cultue. Sadana admits herself in mind. That is admirable and adorable.
Sadana's exams were over.Next she goes back to her home place.She sat in he bed ,Prayed God with a winking mind for confidence.She asked God whether she remain lovable and caring all time,remain respectful to elders,serve all livings around her.Sadana Prayed for a bright dawn,a bright day of her with expectations.She whispered confidently in mind that I have a destiny,I have a day,surely, I will have a day to show the world around me whom I am?May God bless me?With this Prayers Sadana gradually gone in to sleep.She once again get in to the world of dreams,in the world of a dream girl.

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