Monday 15 September 2014

Short Story 2014 Longlist, Chinky Singhal

That Woman in Red Dress

It was heavily raining and I was running towards Home. Suddenly, something caught my eyes and I no more felt the rain drops on my skin. Dressed in little red frock which was more like a see through lingerie, she held her arms wide open and welcomes the first rain of the seasons.The Balcony was beautifully ornamented with daisies and lilies.I could hear the enchanting sound of wind-chimes hanging above her .She caught me looking at her and smiled.I could not take my eyes off the Greek Goddess in front of me.I wanted to be friends with her but nobody in the neighbourhood liked her.They suspect she is a Drug Dealer or a Prostitute or someone working illegally but they were sure She is not a Good Woman.

I  saw a Fat , Middle aged Man in his shorts and bulging stomach that was visible before I could see his face.He held her in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. This Man could not be her boyfriend or husband.He was her Client.There was a New Man at the Balcony each day.I hurriedly rang the door bell and Mom was already standing there with towel in her hands.Before I could utter a word,she started rubbing my wet hairs with towel and asked for coffee.I simply nodded my head.
It was 2 am and That woman in red dress was on my mind.There was a distinct kind of attraction in her.I could feel the pain in her eyes.I knew I have to be with her. I often began to stand beside her Balcony hoping to see her again.She was approaching towards me , beautifully dressed in a blue gown , red scarf wavering over shoulders and bright red lip color that highlighted her beauty." Hey little Princess" she called me.I was afraid but somehow gathered up the courage . " Hey , I was just pasing by the street.One of m y friends stays here.No,actually ,I came here just for a walk.I don't know anybody here" I murmured.She laughed and offered me to come home .I reluctantly agreed.
The stairs made me feel like walking the Red Carpet. It was the kind of mansion they use in Hollywood Movies.There were beautiful pictures of her and I stopped and adored her.A more than lavish Drawing Room with an attached Bar.Everything looked like a dream.I had to pinch myself to believe it was for Real." You study at D.A.V School Right ? " she asked me." Yes,I have my Boards this year" I replied.
" Didi, Can I call you Di ?" I softly asked." Nobody had called me by this name in ages, Yes You can " She was deeply touched and I could understand her pain." You can come here when ever you like and If you want I can help you with studies " She offered me help.
Few days had passed and I had started buliding a beautiful relationship with her .She opened her Life with me. She was kidnapped when she was 18.She is the daughter of a well known Business Man , Laxmi Narayan Agarwal.Her father was reluctant to pay crores to Kidnapper as he feared losing his fame and respect in the society.She was left with no other choice and was sold for Prostitution in a mere 10,000 rupees. " We have become so Big today that we can buy and sell human beings " I wondered.

She disclosed how every Man in her life had tried to use her for their benefits,some for monetary and others for physical.She often cries bitterly and confessed that she missed her Pa but they never tried to find her out. She has everything that a Man dreams of but there is no Love in her Life. I wanted to find out her parents and help her in every way I could but she refused any kind of help.The bond between us grew stronger and stronger.

 One day, she left a note to me that read -
"Dear Avika , I could not thank you ever for all that You did to me.You are my only Friend.Trust me , I can never forget you.I am leaving the locality as some of our Neighbours came to know about my Profession.They had called the Cops and wanted me behind the bars but I rescued.Money can shut mouths and close ears of everyone.You study well and make us all Proud. Do not worry for I shall learn to be happy.You are my little Angel that shall always remind me of beautiful days.
Lots of Love                        
Yours Didi"
I wanted to cry but tears never came.This story had been buried inside deepest core of my heart that came out in words today.I shall never forget her for she taught me the greatest lessons of Life

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