Monday 15 September 2014

Short Story 2014 Longlist, Ashiya Ansari

Love on the way

Sunday evening, 7:00 pm ( Rainy season)
Tring...Tring !! Tring.....Tring!!
-Yes? -" I'm going to organise my b'day bash tonight and you'll have to attend the party anyhow. I'm busy, I'm studying or dad won't allow me to come, such excuses won't work this time. I want you here at the exact time." Call Ended!!

What the hell was that?!! Sometimes, friendship sucks me literally. Picked up my courage and asked dad to go to Delhi exactly at that time. Dad said, "Your driver has been out for two days. Don't you know?" I know, I know it dad. But I've got to complete my project work till tomorrow. That's why have to go right now at my friends' home. I asserted. I could go on my own if you permit me. I said humbly. I assure you that I'll be back here again exactly at 11:00 pm. I requested and finally enticed him to let me go. And I left the home at 7:30 pm.
I reached there at my friends' home at 8:30 pm and saw everyone completely indulged in the bash. I was not in a very good mood as I'd lied to my dad but had to give a company so I just said hello to everyone and sat down in a corner calmly. Everyone was fully drunk. They asked me too to have but I denied as I've never had alcohol in my life yet. Touch wood !!
I was too frustrated at that time because for someone I had come here to complete my project work in rush and the matter was totally opposite to it. I felt guilty. I glared at the floor. Soon heavy rainfall had started outside that was scaring me too much as it was obvious that party was going to continue for a long period of time. I was tensed, perhaps I wouldn't be able to reach at home at the right time. I was in great dread of scolding and I was just about to get it that night by dad for sure.
Then an idea struck my mind. I looked around and found everyone as drunk as skunk. I thought to myself, if I get out of here now by saying a good bye to all of them then definitely no one will remember me after party. All were just half conscious. I went to them and said bye to everyone casually. I rushed to the door as soon as I could. But shit! Someone hailed me from backside, I turned back and saw, one of my good friends was standing there. He was drunk too but not much. He pleaded to drop him near his house. I smiled insanely. 'What's to be done now?' I mumbled. I should had to follow friendship formalities and yes, I did. I let him come with me. I offered him a seat beside mine in the car and eventually we left the place at 9:45 pm.
It was a dark rainy night. Heavy rainfall had caused a total chaos on the road. Vehicles were just creeping. Rush hours-Spark snarl! Everything was seeing topsy- turvy at that moment. And on the other hand the boy who was sitting beside me, started doing awkward things. I was putting seat belt over him again and again and he moron was putting it off simultaneously. What ridiculous! He was clutching my arms. I put him off and said strictly-' just mind your behaviour and let me drive the car.' But there was no mean to get on my nerves about him as he was not in sense at all. His hands were slipping into mine over again. I sighed and tried to handle the situation. I kept mum and waiting for open up the jam. I had made my bed and I must laid on it. He was crossing his lane and I was out of breath. Sussed that what amiss have I done, indeed! There was no knowing that to what lengths he might go. One can never be certain, I really didn't get alarmed about it before. But luck was on my side that night. I looked around and got a Metro station nearby. And some of our classmates were also there outside the station at that time. I asked my friend to go to his home by Metro. I said him with conviction that this traffic jam is going totake so far to open up, so let me buy you a token to Noida City Centre and you'll be at your home within twenty minutes. He nodded. I parked my car aside and pulled him out of the car and threw him away in the hands of those classmates.
Phew! I got my breath again. I came back into my car and made it tuned with other vehicles. Suddenly, someone knocked at the pane. I turned my face towards the window and that was the only sight, my heart had fallen in love with. A very handsome boy, with tempting smartness was shivering in the rain outside the car. Rain water was rolling down from his head to his lips. Pressure of water was much so that he was hardly able to keep his eyes open. I had just lost somewhere in the sight but he interrupted me by knocking at the pane.

"What the hell am I doing over again?! I'm here alone in a dark and dreaded night and how could I talk to an obscure?" I thought thoroughly. I didn't want to put myself out of the frying pan into the fire. And within next moment I neglected him completely. Sorry boy! I was just keeping myself secure. He knocked again and again but I just gave an expression of disdain. He went back into the car that was crawling beside mine .I was really unable to entice my eyes not to watch at him. As I was constantly gazing at him, the second one boy who was driving the car shoved his fist against his elbow and made a gesture to look at me. He turned towards me again and yelled-" hey ma'am! Could you please tell us the way that goes to Haryana?" I shocked! Why the hell were they asking about Haryana and why solely to me amongst thousands of people? Oh I see! Obviously they would have seen my number plate and further the road was diverting in two directions and I weird that there was no sign board that night, although I used to see it daily when I come with driver. But I was helpless. My heart was not allowing me to tell even a single word to anyone. I was continuously blowing the horn and the people all around me were frowning at me as if they were asking me 'Are you a deaf?' Sorry everyone but that was the only way to show that I don't want to tell them anything.
Eventually, jam opened up and vehicles caught their speed. I took a turn towards Sonipat, Haryana. My heart was pounding fast, as fast as I could listen my heartbeats. I was getting too late. Then a car overtook me in a very high speed by blowing a very loud horn and when I tried to have a glance at the driver then those two boys were teasing me from inside the car but they impecunious boys didn't know that there is a speed limit of 60km/h and they were breaking this hard and fast rule of Delhi Traffic Police. Well.. They couldn't go so far. At the next traffic light, cops chased them and when I reached to them then both were arguing with cops. They saw me wrathfully and I gave an insane smile on my face and fled from there.

I reached at home and got my dad there on the gate, waiting for me anxiously. Nothing short of a miracle could escape me that night from dads' wrath. But when I parked my car on the driveway and went to him then found the whole matter just opposite to what I anticipated. Actually dad was waiting for someone else to come at home. They should had reached at home till that time but they were still on the way. Dad asked me nothing about. I came inside and had a shower.

I was having my dinner but in the meanwhile dad called me from downwards to give a company to the guests who had arrived at that time finally. I skipped my dinner, washed out my face and came down by setting up my hair properly. And when I came in front of them, I was flabbergasted to see what was there. I went out of breath for a while. Yes! The two boys who just met me on the way were sitting there in my own house. I went very pale and thought to myself that have they come here to complain to my dad about what they might have seen inside my car with that one drunk friend or have come to tell my mom that I didn't show them the right way to Haryana? Within seconds this kind of crap had brought a flood of worries in my mind. The situation was inevitable. I was still standing in front of them motionless. One of them said- 'please have a seat.' I shocked! They were the guests sitting in my own home and offering ME a seat to sit. What the fuck! I collapsed on the sofa. 

They seemed very busy in their phones. Then I came to know that they didn't recognise me indeed. As it was a dark rainy night and how many times they peeped inside my car to see my face, I turned it in another direction every time. They saw me for sure but hazily. Thank God! I sighed.
Then I cared for a talk and asked them ' well.. How was your journey?' I was being naughty at that time. I tried to spark up a cozy conversation with them. One of them replied 'yeah! It was just good. A bitch really pissed me off!' Second one added-' Such types of girls must be banished from the road. They pass for a 'Miss World'. No sane people would do like that!' They were telling all this in a hectoring tone of voice. It could be seen in their eyes that if they get the girl in front of them at that time then they would murder her. I smiled inwardly and asked them to have some cold drinks. Then mom-dad emerged and introduced me about them. Dad called them one of the best boys, he have ever met in their life. I smiled insanely and said-'Yes! Very good boys indeed. Civility seems on their faces.

I was constantly staring at him who knocked at the mirror but actually he had knocked at my hearts' door and had made it fallen in love with him. Dad asked them to have dinner but they were in a hurry, may be that's why they were denying to have. Though they were saying-' we should leave now' again and again yet I had prepared myself to sit there with them for almost any length of time, just to listen to their talking. His voice had the sparkle of a mountain stream.
'Good Bye!' said the boy. He was standing very close to me, so close that I could smell his fragrance that still tantalise me. I wanted to embrace him at least for once but he moved away and only the fragrance still lingered where he had stood.
Then they came out to their car. I and mom-dad followed to leave off them. Then suddenly, their eyes fell on number plate of my car. First they looked at each other and then quickly frowned at me. I smiled provocatively and their faces were worth watchable. They went off.

We came inside. I was really glad to meet him, it wouldn't be wrong if I say thrilled indeed. As soon as he left the home, he would forget our brief meeting but it would stay with me for the rest of my life. I was just about to go to bed, suddenly I thought to know that what had they come to us actually for? I asked dad and his reply shattered me completely. Dad hold me an marriage invitation card in my hand and told-' They are going to be married at the day after tomorrow. And after that they will leave this country with their family to build a better career ahead. You must attend this auspicious moment.'

Was there anything left to listen or to say something further? I met my love on the way and left it away on the same way that night. Tried to restrain my emotions by saying to my heart-' It was just a passing infatuation.' With misty eyes, holding the invitation card in my hand, staring far down the floor, off I went in my room.

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