Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Vishal Gupta

Angel Gates 

-           1          -
She lay on silk
empty eyes, looking up for meaning
Hands, still as mountains
lips, frail as leaves
He lays a finger on her navel,
remembering, each moment of pleasure
A tear falls on her, glistening on her body
He sees it for a long time, he knows the time has come
Flashes of memories go by his eyes
flashes, were all there had been
Never taking time, to savor a moment
Always, saving his precious time for future
Today, he felt no need to rush
clocks turned away, deceiving time
Clocks, which once his eyes scrounged for
had their backs turned in shame
He touched her lips with his, trying to remember
Love, which was always his, which he never embraced as his own
He ran his hand up to her throat, which words had abandoned
Now she lay, breathing, heart beating, blood running, alive
He did not move till his eyes blurred
the boundaries of her being with the world
He did not care to wipe the tears, he knew where his blade lay
Minutes, hours, maybe days before he lay his hand on steel
The shallow breaths stopped
He heard heartbeats; he knew they were not hers
The blade took her, but not without any pain
He cried himself to death
-           2          -
The ceiling felt like a part of her
She knew each layer, dent and texture
She knew he was not a coward
She knew he loved her enough
Yet, he took a long haul
One haul, was all she had asked for
before she left, he had conceded
She felt the touch of his hands, just before she had to leave
A brilliant light entered her eyes
Yet, it was unable to blind
She was not lying anymore, nor was she a stand
But she knew it mattered not, for the gates were now open
She did not walk, but simply entered
It weren’t clouds beneath her, but nor was it ground
She knew she’d broken the cycle, and now was the time to rest
In her final hours, she received the final blessing

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