Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Sonali Mukherjee

A Downtrodden’s Dream

The empty thoroughfare and the clear sky,
At the crack of dawn, the birds began to fly.
He opened his tiny eyes and woke up on his toes,
To face the hardships, whatever  his life throws.

The cold wind of the winter blew down in the air,
touching his gentle naked skin and ruffling his hair.
He picked up his sack and headed towards the landfill,
That was the land which made his hunger standstill.

To arrange a few pennies, he walked down by the road,
and saw the young lads playing and their faces all glowed.
The pain of dejection rolled out of his eyes as a dew drop,
as he prayed the Almighty to make the winter blues stop.

The summer shall come one day and bring pleasure and delight,
to fill his life with beautiful colours and make his future bright.
One day he would wake up with the smile of contentment,
with a filled stomach and tasting the life of peace and fulfillment.

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