Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Sagher Manchanda

Golden Giving

My lover; the reason for my charm,
someday with pride and a little blush on your wrinkles,
you will tell your grandchildren
that those graceful kisses I bestowed behind the door,
have a place above all materialism,
they are a golden giving,
That someday, the shelter of my care,
the blanket of my warmth in your despair
and the cart of courage I drive you in,
will all exalt itself in your eyes,
making you forget worldly wants. They are a golden giving.
Respect is the trend we share, trust is the bond we bear.
Donning each other’s grief is our fashion,
which is quite rare.
My lover; the reason for my charm,
pack lots of love for a voyage we shall board,
the ultimate journey of life,
in the boat of togetherness,
on the seas of golden giving.

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