Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Ritvik Raj Srivastava

A Weed's Chaotic Compendium

You speak about the floating variables
Transcendental, pouring through the cosmos
You tell their tale of obscure paths
Are all the choices an illusion so perfect
Has it all been a fabrication to lead me here?
Years of soft labor and delusional fantasies
Truth is omnipresent but critically invisible
Each version of history to feel better of self
Why were you born? A perennial longing
That burning question of purpose, lingering.
Always in the way, manufactured borders
Though love makes me strong, it is a weakness
Waiting for the immutable day when her smile
Is unable to solve everything magically
The hour, that minute, my walk to broken levee.
No familiarity with the burgeoning grass
Why am I so happy being a weed for them
My convoluted path, so bedridden my lot
I miss spending seconds with them, all the time
Projected beings have solidified, now we coagulate.
Self awareness is a scam, a plague in my head
Obedience makes me spineless, freedom reckless
Eons building up, moving on, now I feel negligible
you still enthrall yourself with trite methods
I suffer a fit, I fall sick, please cut my chords.

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