Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, R Sudharsan

The heartbreaking business

Every time it happens,
Some visceral pruning, few corners jagged;
Smudges on the patio, of tears and memories.

Photographs upturned, coffee dripping into a puddle;
hand in hand, the bleak future and unforgiving past.
Eyes bleed tears, heart bleeds memories.

Plunging into yonderness of consciousness;
Erasing, effacing, expunging, eliminating;
But at last just numbness.

Overwhelming and suffocating grief,
Heart rending, heart breaking, heart raking,
Blood can ink sagas of the unrequited;

Like a dark grape's violet explosion in my mouth,
Spontaneity of love;
It was purple then, now never ending darkness

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