Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Megha Sharma

Exit, Stage Left

With a flourish, I take a bow
Bend down in a graceful sway, and wonder now
Do I look up and straight into their eyes?
Or do I wait for the veil to fall and then rise?
The velvet folds have by then come to a close
Palms sweaty with fear, my anticipation grows
I gave it my all, my heart and soul
Will they applaud, or cry out foul?
I hear hushed murmurs outside
With dread crippling me from inside
A thud and a roll...the plush barrier sets in motion again
Is this hunger justified? Or am I being plain vain?
We perform for them... but it is for us we act
A true to self, honest-to-god, creative pact
They say, an artist's prize lies in this agony and pain
I ponder....

When the screen of maroon parts, what I lose or stand to gain.

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