Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, K Krishna Kumar

And Then You Arrived...

There was a boy in the village, who wanted to see the falling star
He longed for that and every evening for seeing it, he went upstairs
He saw many stars, but falling star was the one that filled his mind
And one day the falling star came, by then he had become blind

There was a caged bird which waited for her freedom
As she believed only that could end her boredom
And one day her owner set her free to her sky
But then she realized that her wings had forgotten to fly

There was a little girl, who waited for a doll to be bought by his mother
As she wanted to play with the doll along with her army father
One day her mother bought her what she wanted
But then her father came in a coffin, with country's flag flaunted

And here was I, who waited for you in the journey of my life
Everyday wondering how colourful it would be if you became my wife
Waiting so long, I felt you would never come but one day you arrived
But by that time all the love I had for you had already died

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