Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Jeet Mehta

Between Me and Him

Lost in the blue sky,
I have always wanted to fly.
Willing to be a free bird forever,
But he has a different plan all together.
Today I demand to write my future the way I see,
And he would just laugh at me for my silly plea.
"You have purpose to exist", he said,
And also there was something unique of that I was made.
My talent would nurture that uniqueness in me,
It will make me famous for what I would want to be.
Still in the quest to nurture that thing,
And after twenty years still no song of victory to sing.
And believe me, this is no thought to cheer,
As it still grows to be an everlasting fear;
The fear is not of failure but of an attempt to succeed,
That would I be ever able to sow the seed.
"The seed of everlasting success is not a thing my child",
He said correcting my thoughts so wild.
He said, "Life is simpler then it seems",
"The pillar of life rests on just two beams".
"First being the principles and second being the truth",
"Else one would end being a complete sleuth";
"Following the fragrance of untruely elements",
"Your life would end up in puzzled fragments".
"The talent you are born with will take you through",
"Through the journey of life as it is ought to do".
"Leave the luck factor to me as I take care of it",
"Just play your part by being healthy and fit".
This were his words of advice to this lost soul,
Which motivated me and set me on the roll!

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