Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Hamid Khan

The Strange Feeling

A caterpillar in a garden, rejuvenated by the morning dew
A solitary rose blossoms further, the rain drops perch on its petals
The little pebbles hurt by the river, the adorable phenomenon brings a smile
And the scorching sun, half hidden behind a cloud of relief, is a painter's delight

The magical light of the silent moon is its voice, it murmurs hope in the dark
The stars unite to form an evanescent constellation, shining impeccably
The frolicsome fireflies glow with passion, quietly bring tears to the eye
And the late night breeze hypnotizes, cuddles and comforts the broken soul

The white mountains meditate in the state of equanimity, the serene snow falls, compassionately
The blue ocean is a majestic paradise, its radiance nurtures the intrigued waves of freedom
The golden desert yearns for the unquiet sand of yesteryear, the untouched mirage is a restless miracle
And the beautiful lush green forests enhance the topography of the laden earth, venerate the gazers

The empty swings sway recurrently, hum the lyrics of a blissful childhood
The gentle kiss of a mother on a teary cheek, is a blessing for life
The joyous ride on a father's shoulder, makes the scenery ecstatic, the feet aspire to stay away from the ground
And the pleasant laughter with siblings purifies the atmosphere, the fragrance grows recklessly

The shy road abandoned by the travelers, screams silently, haunts the senses
The graceful sky acts as an epitome of love for the birds, the romance reaches new pinnacles
The magnificent aroma of raw coal liberates the depth of the nose, its felicity is ineffable
And the exuberant sound of train switching tracks is a delicacy for the ears, the comely noise is delightful

The abstract philosophy of this varicolored nature drifts my thirsty heart, away from the truths of life
And I'm not alone anymore, it's a strange feeling!

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