Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poetry 2014 Longlist, Ashish Sharma


The dreariness of the landscape , the apartness of autumn's season ,
The drenching of the soul, getting lost to find oneself,
Condemning the cruelty of nature, forgetting human is the reason,
Commentating what eyes do see, ignoring the difference within thyself ,

Human fights to human , Can't dare to combat own negativity ,
Weapons can's skip devastating impact, hither- if flowers do the same?,
Moon is hiding lot of secrets, Who has paid off for all indemnity ?
Nature portrays beautifully, & human Ignoring the difference within being intangible,

But who has set the difference in the perceptions?
The meadow & the sky or the day and the night?
Revolution of the earth or the unseen passage of biological organism ,
The false allure of being better or opting war as a peaceful side,

Seldom " The Difference " would remain, morever as if facsimile,
Still it is -You , who can rub difference of miles.

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