Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Sunanda Khosla

Sleeping Beauty

The story starts, with a Queen and her daughter, much as they often do-
Our fairytale-tellers never thought that magic happens, with commoners, too.
The Queen forgot to call a half-witch half-fairy to her daughter's christening
Obviously back then PDAs or "Cc to all" weren't such a common thing.
The fairy/witch crashed the party and threw a curse
(Not like the inconsequential abuses we utter, much worse),
At sixteen, the little girl would injure herself with a spindle and die!
Thankfully, a good fairy was close by-
She changed the curse- the girl wouldn't die, she would merely sleep
No nightmares, all peaceful, warm and deep
(These days this good fairy goes by the pharmaceutical names Calmpose and Valium)
To sleep, till her true love may come.
And of course she grew up to be the most pretty little thing around
Beautiful as poetry in motion or a picture in sound-
And of course she pricked herself with a spindle and fell asleep
And of course the Queen and all the castle did weep-
The good fairy realized that by the time she woke up everything would've grown
And nothing would be left as she had known.
So she put all of them to sleep- everyone in that castle slept with her.
Time froze with them in their sleep, all together.
The Sleeping Beauty still lies sleeping,
Somewhere, in some dark forest's keeping
Dreaming, peacefully dreaming still-
No Prince ever found her; no one knows if he will.
She's slept through the ages, and arrived in ours
Where no one believes in magical powers.
Thankfully, they haven't manufactured "Please Wake Up Soon" greeting cards
The bushes, the trees, their thorns be her guards-
Our Princes would send her diamond rings, or other such prepackaged bliss
They know not the power of a single true kiss!
Let her sleep, for in her dreams she has her Prince Charming (or whatever his title be)
Let her sleep, her magic isn't meant for us to see!

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