Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Nithin Francis

Discovering Me

I’m on a quest,
I’m following a path.
Probably a path of no return!
Or maybe, I might return.
Changed, but unstained.
Yes! I’m on the road,
Strolling, pacing, running,
Doing anything that would help me,
Help me, know what I started for.
I’m trying to discover something.
But what?
Oh Yeah! I’m discovering me.

I’ve reached those branched roads.
The one all great thinkers reach.
I guess I’m to get confused here,
Wondering which one to choose.
I think its right, so I go left.
Am I confused?
No, I’m just not sure.

“You can do anything,
That you put your heart into Son.”
“You can win the world!”
“Yes, I can sir” I said,
“I sure can”.
But what can I?
So I ran along and searched a job,
Anything to reach the top.
Chip me a dime sir,
And I’ll work for both yours and mine.
“Bother me not son,
I have to think.”
The world is small sir,
But it can sure house the thoughts,
Of yours and mine.

“Where are you from Son?
You look familiar”
I’m you Sir, The inner you,
Lost deep inside,
In the name, of “The Dream”.
So, I wake up,
And “The Dream” was HIStory.

But the quest is still on,
And the path seems too long.
No one told me it would be easy,
And probably I might not return.
Or maybe, I might.
I’m on the road
And I’m discovering me.

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