Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist, Arpa Mukhopadhyay

Rum In One Hand And...

Time had travelled back to 1945 at Rar’s, the local country club
He had gulped down his first four, and would hang on for a few more
He sat his old signature style,
Rum in one hand, and in the other - a knife
He was in charge again - ready to face his life
The rains played him a rhapsody; they tapped and twirled on the tiled roofs
They invited him out of his confines, into the alleys, lonesome and dark
The mist teased him and mocked him, and transformed into her lovely shape,
The winds welcomed him with a smile, just the way she once did
And today, no one could hold him back at Rar’s,
He decided to rush out - rum in one hand, and in the other - a knife
The day was silent, the night was cold,
He was ferried back to the moment; she had walked out of his door,
Her once mesmerizing face had lost all its beauty, all its charm
She was packing her belongings; she would leave behind no trace
He wanted to stop her so, but his demons let him not,
He stared instead at her descending silhouette - rum in one hand,
and in the other - a knife
He had realized his folly, and had decided to mend his ways,
But she had moved on; while his life went astray
Ages had passed since, but the leaves still lay dead on the ground,
Today he was back at Rar’s, the same place they first met
With his only companions now - the knife to cut the sausage,
and the rum to drown his pain
Nothing could stop him tonight, as he dragged himself out into the storm,
She would either drive him away for good, or would wrap him in her arms,
His heart beat faster, reminiscing their years of togetherness
He tripped and plummeted to the ground, as he was nearing her doorway
She opened the door and screeched at the withered face,
"You here again? Will you never go away?"
His bottle came clanging down the stairs, in a voice choked, he said,
"Adieu to you, my love, my life"
He smiled at her one last time, and then gave in to the wishes of the knife!

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