Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Shortlist Arka Datta

 Stained Goodbye

I’m writing this letter,
From a platform café.
I’m running out of time,
But there’s so much to say.

Let me say I am sorry,
For leaving you in sleep.
I wanted to remember your eyes,
Like the last night’s dream.

And I love you, I must also say.
You asked me if I do, just the other day.
But I find it easier with this napkin, the coffee stain,
And I seldom see this tender rain.

When you read this,
I’ll be long on my way.
You can just kiss my scent on it,
And whisper, if anything you have to say.

There’s too much to ask you, still,
From what’s on the radio to how do you feel.
I’m feeling so forlorn and empty now,
Just like this café and the sugar bowl.

I hear the whistle from my iron carrier,
The time to say adieu is inching near.
I will come back to you, wounded or scared,
Just when the war in North ends, you have my word.

I am sorry again, if you still feel gray.
And I love you, I must also say

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