Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Longlist, Vineet Chhajer

My Destiny

Yesterday has passed
Today will be Tomorrow’s History
But if we are really asked
What thou shall be will always be a mystery
What lies in front of us, is a moment
This comes about without an advisory
What we do with it, is prudent
And paves the path of our future visually
The Mistakes of Yesterday are bygones
If What we do ahead is benevolent truly..
What I have been & what I am today is
Inconsequential to what I can really be..
When People become Promiscuously sublime
Being Epitome of Growth is like the Need for Affinity
Just like Rising from the Ashes every time
Is the Phoenix’s Ultimate Destiny..
So Every time You Fail in Life & its Lessons Mar
Vouch for trying harder and look for inspiration in the sky
What is essentially the End of the World for the Caterpillar
The One above has other Plans & Calls it a Butterfly…

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