Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Longlist, Sanhita Sinha

Every day I watch you silently.
Childhood flashes before my eyes happily.
With my little steps ‘BABY ME ‘,
Running at your heels, holding the anchal of your saree.
Naughty me, annoying you,
Making nuisance with your sarees old and new.
Arresting me in your arms,
‘Covering me ‘with your kissy balms.
I wonder how you forbade me
From becoming more naughty!
Your vermilion bindi looks so bright;
That attracts me day and night.
Now even after many years
Your songs still croon in my ears
That you sang while bathing or cooking,
I remember you humming while dressing.
Now I find the “YOUNG ME “,
Wearing your saree and your jewellery.
I can feel the joy with each days passing,
I am becoming the saree you wearing.
Once you ‘covered me ‘now I am ‘covering you’,
Now you smell like me and
Mother, I look like you.

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