Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Longlist, Naman Sharma


I can hear this noise
Floating in the air
Like a whisper of the unknown
It middles in my thoughts
Shouting at my peace
Staring at my joy
Envying my hatred
Justifying my fight
Of what this is a curse
Or maybe just a boon
I have no idea
Nor any clue
Only that I feel it
Deep down in my soul
Favoured by my thoughts
Yet opposed by my idea
It’s humming on its own
Like a cracker when it bursts
It explodes into a scream
Only to be nulled
By my very own vision
In see it in my eyes
Staring back at me
How I wish this was a lie
And only a dream in my sleep
But nay, the voice croons
It dares me to listen
For its only disturbing to envision
But death when I listen

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