Saturday 10 August 2013

Poetry 2013 Longlist, Divita Gupta

My Wishing Spree

Found an old lamp and mauled it with a spear,
Heard a cunning cackle, a voice in my ear 
You've freed me, released me
From the horrors within,
Oh Master, I thank you
For it was no sin.
Mighty one, come hither
I want you to hear,
I'll grant you a wish
For everyday of the year
My eyes were round as galleons
Could this be true?
An old fable with a twist
And that’s all but new.
He got all offended,
Of course, it is true
I'm not just a story
Or a genie, who’s blue
Not lost in thought,
Are you O Mighty One?
Your wish is my command
It’s wishing day # 1.
So wish your wish,
Tell me what you desire.
I could make your teeth chatter
I could make you breathe fire
I could have anyone
At your beck and call
Should someone displease you?
They could trip and fall!
If you fancy a world tour
It can be done
Let’s turn your brother into a frog
Just for fun
So wish a wish
Don’t wait for long
My magic is might
My magic is strong
I grew suspicious
This could be a prank
So just for testing I asked
For an officers rank
Almost at once he placed
A mirror before me
I saw me in a uniform
And laughed in glee

And so began my wishing spree
First a lovely bride-to-be,
A castle, an island and riches and more
And horses and camels and lions that roar
My wishes took me
Around the globe
Met ministers and presidents
And even the Pope
And finally I came
To wish Three Sixty Four
I pondered over one wish
But could think no more
It was then, that I saw
The old mother's face
Her eyes spelt hunger
Her smile spelt grace
Like lightning it hit me
How selfish I had been
There were needs more important
Than the places I had seen
I started to tremble
And weep and cry
For I had just one wish
Wish # 365
The old mother consoled me
Hope will always last
Use the last wish wisely
Don’t repeat your past
I thought and thought
Till I could think no more
Should I make it rain gold
Should I make diamonds pour?
Should I forgive every lease?
Should I wish world peace?
Or maybe a wish
For a food granting dish
Oh what do I do?
With my one last wish
How I pined
Over the wasted 364
I had been so selfish
When the world needed more
And suddenly my thinking cap
Lit up, all bright
Magic is strong
Magic is might
I summoned my Genie
Said loud and clear
I've made my decision
And I will not steer
For my last wish
You will grant me
Another wishing spree
365 more wishes, not one for me.

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