Thursday 15 August 2013

Flash Fiction 2013 Longlist, Divyabh Singh

 Seething Rage

The thick smoke rose upward, twisting and turning reaching out like a black snake devouring
whatever stars were visible in the sky. Unlike few hours ago the sky was now stripped naked of its many tiny jewels, only to be replaced by one big fiery ball. The sun was still resting its head along the horizon, peeking to see if anyone was yet awake. The alarming amount of smoke did not bother the Sun God, Surye Dev; he had learned to accept it as some monthly ritual. What bothered Surye Dev was the man or should I say the Demon who sat next to the fire. What more could he want? He already had a kingdom that even gods envied, a palace that was literally made for Lord Shiva. Even Immortality was out of the question, for this fiend had drunk from the elixir of life when the ‘great churning’ had taken place. This brute had everything, wealth, wisdom, love and loyalty of many. Yet, every day, He would sit at the same place for hours meditating, calling out to Lord Shiva for his blessings.

A smug smile parted Surye dev’s lips. One summer, tired of the daily charade, Surye Dev decided to test this man’s tenacity. So, when the time came to visit his part of the world, He quickly rose up, focusing his energy on this man. The sun burned with such intensity that it seemed it was mid day, yet only minutes had passed. Surye Dev knew that by the time this man finished his prayers, the flesh on his bones would be burnt like those animals which he so greedily consumed. Somehow, unfazed by the rising heat or the burning ground on which he sat, this monster continued its prayer.
The animals now awake, started running wildly seeking shelter, failing to find some shade some animals jumped into the nearby lake, oblivious to the fact that it was inhabited by crocodiles. But, somehow the crocodiles didn’t care; they all swam toward the deepest and darkest corner of the lake. The water in the lake was boiling, the animals inside the lake cried out in pain.

Somewhere nearby a deer fainted. Still, the beast sat, his body was now unnaturally red, fuming. Surye Dev smiled, only few more moment now. Surely, flames will engulf this immortal soon, He may not die, but he will definitely feel the pain.

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