Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012, Longlist Damini Berry

You Can Change My Fate

We all do have certain rights of our own
If you don’t know, then how would I?
You’re out in the world
You are supposed to learn to teach.
I know you have to churn a lot
And you think I don’t feel?

What you do, I do it with you
I bear your pain and I see you when you become other’s game.
I’m inside you, but you are my eyes to this world,
I only see darkness in your face, and
The weakness in your eyes.
I hear what people say…
“You better give birth to a healthy boy child,
Or she too will have to bear the same as those before.”

I know you are scared for my fate
As much as you were when you where married at eight.
You didn’t knew how the world had changed
When your father was preparing to give you away.

You too learnt what your mother taught you
And now I too will have to do the same.
Until and unless you change yourself
And step up to change my fate.
I know you can, if you try,
You can save me from my grave.
I know you can, if you try,
I know you can change my fate.

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