Sunday 15 July 2012

Poetry 2012 Featured Writer, Faraz Ali

La Mort de Dieu... (The Death of God)

Let us retire in our caves,
Kiss the cold wood of a banyan,
And dark petals of a sunflower,
Black fire lit around us,
Illuminating the theater,
A shiny casket, damp walls,
Devours the sounds of sanity,
All have assembled to celebrate,

La mort de Dieu,
La mort de Dieu...

All the angels are revealed,
Now, true nature erupts,
Pestilence eating the silence and god,
We perform the ceremony adieu.

La mort de Dieu,
La mort de Dieu..

Golden goblets, pungent wines, aroma of demise,
Beelzebub watches over,
Annihilation of creed, the abyss is a festival,
Children, languages, light and you,
Baptized with fire,
The velvet veils, surprise in fetus,
Unveiled!! Denizens of heavenly hell,
Me, you and these coward delirious angels,
God is dead, heaven or hell, whose decision,
Bedlam of ecstasy, sanctuary in holocaust...

 La mort de Dieu,
 La mort de Dieu,


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