Sunday 10 June 2012

Short Story 2012 Longlist, Durba Roy

The Black Diary

23 May
Today is my birthday. There was a big party at home. I got this diary as one of the birthday presents. It has a black cover. The cover is thick and soft. Like the sofa in our house. I turned 10 today so I made 10 wishes while blowing the candles. There was a big Harry Porter cake. Bijon kaku got it for me. He always gets the best presents for me. Everyone was very happy. We took a lot of pictures from Bijon kaku’s camera. Baba was late again. I am sleepy now. Bye Tintu.

31 May
Today is a holiday. I don’t have to go to school. I had maggie for breakfast. We are planning to go to the zoo in the evening. Bijon kaku is taking us there. I wanted to go now itself but ma says she has to speak to kaku. They are talking now. My friend Ishaan has been to this zoo. He says I can feed the giraffes there. I am very excited. Ok I need to finish my bath. Bye……Tintu

1 June
The zoo was very nice. There were a lot of animals and birds. Some of them were stinking. The boundary wall was very high for some of the animals because they could jump over and bite. So Bijon kaku carried me on his shoulder so that I could get a good view. I think ma was a bit scared of the animals because Bijon kaku was holding her hand. I wished baba was around too but he is always so busy. We also went for a boat ride. I could see the fish swimming close to the boat. We ate ice- crème and popcorn. It was a lot of fun. Ok bye for now……Tintu

5 June
I got 98 in math. Baba said he will buy me the big bicycle. He promised he will come back early tomorrow and then we will go to get the bicycle in the evening. Bijon kaku got me my first ink pen. It has 'Parker' written on it. He showed me how to fill ink in it. I am writing with it now. It writes well but my fingers are full of ink. Bijon kaku also got a gift for ma. It was wrapped in a shiny silver colored paper. I hope baba comes early tomorrow. I have already told Ishaan and Rahul about the bicycle. I am very excited. Ok I have to go to sleep now. Bye……. Tintu

21st June
Dadun and didan are coming today. I have already cleaned my room. Didan is going to stay with me in my room. She is getting my favorite sweet and mango pickle with her. I like her very much because she never scolds me for anything. She also knows a lot of stories. Bijon kaku has bought a new mobile. He taught me how record a video from his phone. I recorded ma making luchis. Ma always makes something nice whenever Bijon kaku is home that’s why I like him so much. Ok I have to get ready now. We are going to the station to get dadun and didan. Bijon kaku is dropping us there. Bye…….Tintu

15 August
Today we went for a movie. But that was a secret. Ma said not to tell didan; Because she cannot come to watch the movie because the AC in the cinema hall is too cold for her. When didan was sleeping in the afternoon ma and I secretly left without making much noise. It was like an adventure. Bijon kaku was waiting downstairs in his car. He has a big car with a lot of speakers for music. I wanted to sit in the front seat like I do when we go in our car. But ma sat in the front. The movie was ok. I liked the caramel popcorn. I am sad didan couldn’t watch the movie. So I am going to tell her a story tonight. Goodnight……..Tintu

25 August
Ma has gone out with Chhobi Kakima. Didan is watching her serial on TV. I have nothing to do. Last night baba was very angry. He was shouting at ma. I asked didan about it. She said they are talking something important. Then I fell asleep. I hope ma comes early. Didan is going to leave tomorrow. I am going to miss her. She has packed her bag already. She has also given me some money to buy chocolates. It is my secret gift she said. I need not tell ma and baba about it. I love her a lot. I can hear ma’ s voice. I think she is back. She has got me two doughnuts and kissed me on the forehead. I think even she is sad because didan is leaving tomorrow Bye……..Tintu

27 August
Didan left yesterday. I am going to sleep all by myself from now on. Baba came back early today. But he did not speak much. I wanted to show him my new watch that Bijon kaku got yesterday. He came to our house after a long time. I wanted didan to meet kaku but he never came when didan was around. It was very quiet in the house after Bijon kaku left. Ma had made my favorite ‘maansho er jhol’ and ‘luchi’ for dinner. Then she came to my room and patted me to sleep. I think she is missing didan terribly too. I felt like crying when she was leaving but I didn’t. I am a big boy now. Ok goodnight…….Tintu

05 September
Today we had Teacher’s Day celebration in school. I participated in the choir. I was very happy to see Bijon kaku sitting next to ma in the audience. I wanted to wave at them. But they weren’t looking. Bijon kaku had left by the time I joined ma in the audience. I was given a certificate for participation. The pages are getting over in this diary. Next time Bijon kaku comes I will ask him if he could get me another one just like this one. But he has not come home for so many days. Baba came back early today. I wanted to show him the certificate but I was scared because I heard him scream again. I am sleepy…..Tintu

12 September
I showed my participation certificate to baba today. He was so happy that he hugged me. He held me for long. It was uncomfortable but I let him hold me. Baba said that he loves me a lot. I love him a lot too. But I would like it more if he came home early and spent more time with me like Bijon kaku. But for so many days even Bijon kaku has not come home. Baba was also very sad. He made me sit on his lap and started patting me. I wanted to sit longer but I felt sleepy so I came upstairs. Goodnight….Tintu.

30 September
This is the last page of this diary. I have not been able to get another one because Bijon kaku has not come home. I am a bit sad today because it was my last day at school. Tomorrow we will be leaving this city. I wish I could say bye to Bijon kaku.

Baba was angry again last night. But he was very nice in the morning. He made breakfast and got me ready for school instead of ma. Baba said we will be going to be new place to stay in. When I asked about ma, baba said that ma has already left. I was angry that she did not tell me. But baba said it was supposed to be a surprise.

I am going to miss writing in my diary. Bye till I find a new diary.

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