Friday 15 June 2012

Flash Fiction 2012 Longlist, Moin-ud-din Bhat

Blank Sheet of Cause

I felt the movement of that little creature. That cripple little creature. I felt it on my landscaped cheeks, my trembling lips, my infectious throat. It was like a massive force of air bending my heart. As my heart was at its best; jacked, I heard somebody screaming names, constantly ripping the pages of unwritten words upfront. Blank sheets of voices dragged through the air. I could feel it. I could almost touch it with my thoughts. But I couldn't feel my own movement. I couldn’t move. I was stuck. Stuck like an old man's glasses. My room though had a scary thought embedded; I thought it was an earthquake. But to my narrow thoughts I was shivering. I was cold. I was afraid of the dark night which drowned me in its hollowness. It almost killed me. There were ripples in the flooding waters that could extend to my feet almost touching them. I opened my eyes and found myself at the shore. I saw someone unholy, but yet mercifully digging a place where I could spend the night.

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