Wednesday 1 September 2010

Poetry 2010 Longlist, Amal Bhattacharya

Me- A Prayer

What a conscious fleet of being unconscious,
Yet to know history or books of knowledge we treasure,
Little is done in me of making of a human out of a demon,
My blind folded eyes are yet to look beyond measure.
I often felt my heart and mind burdened between,
What I wish out of life and what I just do,
I know not the truth, yet I want its glimpse.....
But an eternal joy, I feel scattered every where in the blue.
I keep wandering through the pastures of my mind
To seek infinitude, to know where the fathomless mounts!
A way away form the torrents of the worldly scores
Beyond the horizons, when there's nothing around
At the break of the dawn or at the setting of dusk
I often thought and walked alone seeking my solitary mind
I often heard.. the world shouting and asking "who's he"
O what a pity...not even myself... yet I could find!
Hurriedly every time I strode and wiped my tears and shook
My heavy heart dampened with longing woes and pain
"Tell me O Lord, how many more trials I need to take"
"Tell me O Lord, how many more strikes to go in vain".
Let me your hand of love now, O Lord..
Half is gone and less than half to go
Lift me and hold me in your heart right now
Let it not be too late, let it be today... not tomorrow.

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