Tuesday 1 September 2009

Poetry 2009 Longlist, Apeksha Harihar


Deep within my heart, a voice called out to me.
It asked me if I’m still alive, whether I want to live
From head to toe, you are ruined it said,
You are destroyed in every way.
You have a weak will; your spirits are now low.
 You won’t be able to face a happy world anymore.
Deep within it kept speaking a voice that would never stop.
And then I rose to put forward my condition, and then I spoke again
From head to toe I’m experienced not ruined, I screamed in my defence.
The phases of my life have taught me a lot, yes it has made me cry a lot
But, now I am not sitting back, depressed, lonely and dark.
I am up on my feet again challenging everything to its mark.
My inner voice is speaking again,
It’s asking me to leave, leave the desire of love behind and
Drown into the deep.
Save me for I don’t want to lose, I want to fight for my life
Live until the very end and prove that I am right.
No pain, no sorrow, no despair will remain, after I am gone.
So as I live I will go through them, not unhappy that I was born.

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