Wednesday, 25 December 2019

In Protest of CAA and NRC

We do not know if our small magazine could have any impact, but realising that silence is a form of consent, here we register our protest along with the multitude.

 With the intent to lend support to the protests against CAA and NRC (and in response to the continued violence in many states and against many specifically targeted people), these are the arguments and rhetoric that BJP has used and the truth about those factors.

This Act is Not Against Muslims (and They Are Right In A Way)

The one irony many people do not realise about being an Indian Muslim is that Indian Muslims CHOSE to be Indian. All those who did not believe in the proposed idea of India left the country. There is no bigger proof of loyalty than being given a choice and choosing India. It is therefore insulting to continuously ask Muslims a proof of their loyalty. Further irony in the matter currently is that the biggest force to stand behind Modi government is the NRI community who cannot rush faster towards naturalisation in their adopted countries. Hence it is saddening that the NRIs mainly are instrumental in deciding the fate of the people who chose to live here. 

(There is nothing wrong in seeking a livelihood or even citizenship of any country, it is the two-faced nature of those people who choose to live far from the trials of living in India and yet feel free to express their loyalties remotely and such uninformed and unethical manner.)

The one promise that BJP has constantly made is that their policies are not against Muslims, and they are right in a way because CAA and NRC doesn't disenfranchise just Muslims but mostly people below poverty line. It is targeting those people who are illiterate and could never rise to the position of having any documents under their name. If Congress had a reason to keep these people illiterate and marginalised because they were their vote banks, BJP views these people as a liability and that somehow makes this NRC act more dangerous.

Congress Is Wrong

We do not believe the Congress was ever secular, the only way it could be secular is that they were violent towards all religions. That being said…

 The people who support Modi government will be quick to point out that it was not Modi government that has kept this population illiterate. No, it was Congress. It was in fact a popular middle class joke when Indira Gandhi came up with a slogan "Garibi Hatao" (Let's get rid of poverty,) and Sanjay Gandhi did those heinous sterilisation programme, claiming it a solution towards population control, the middle class responded by saying, "Oh, it seems she meant to say "Garibon ko hatao!" (Let's get rid of poor).

But just because the Congress was cruel doesn't automatically make BJP a kinder government. It has been strongly imposing laws that they think are a priority, amongst which this is their way of dealing with the people they do not consider their own and consider them a liability. It is true that Congress has dragged the country in the utter ruins that it is in but that doesn’t give BJP a right to continue the same wrong doing with more vengeful force.

Freedom to Protest and Freedom of Speech

 By applying Section 144 and conducting their violence towards students, of all people, Modi government has clearly stated that it hates dissent in any form. Any time this debate opens up in private middle class conversations, it is countered by saying, “Why can’t the majority protest? Where is the freedom of speech when it comes to the majority?” The answer to that question is that if it weren’t for the freedom of speech, the BJP could never have fought the election at any time in history. It is considered unconstitutional to create bias on the basis of religion yet BJP has always fought the election on the basis of religion, (Modi government more than their predecessors,) and it is the freedom of speech that granted them the right to do so.

Along with this we have our Questions for Modi Government

 Where are the rights of the true natives of India, who were initially called “Adivasis” but who have now been labelled as Naxalites? They were the first targets of NRC. So what gives the government the audacity (via NRC-CAA) to ask the indigenous population, the true sons of soil of India the proof of their own heritage?

Being a Hindu, or follower of Sanatana Dharma as it is being called recently, requires a belief that you accept Vedas as the true word. Not believing in Vedas is akin to not believing in Hinduism itself, this fact is non-debatable. And Vedas themselves claim that Hinduism was not born in India, that Aryavarta was their adopted land. If so, why should Hindus be the only ones who get to claim India as their land?

How contradictory of these people who make international speeches about the inclusive nature of Hinduism that believes in Vasudaiv Kutumbakam but cannot make space for their own people?

How stingy are these people who claim that Hinduism is a religion of 33 crore gods and goddesses and yet they cannot find space for 3-4 more gods?

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